Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (Part One)

Portal 2 – Insane Cube Tricks (PLEASE READ)…

While i’m waiting for the inevitable challenge chambers and leaderboards, i thought i’d set my own challenges to increase the re-playability of Portal 2…

…turns out chucking cubes about was sufficient!

I’m trying to get a trick done in every room with cubes and buttons, so if a few of the tricks don’t live up to the ‘insane’ label, it’s because there wasn’t much scope for it in the chamber. It gets more interesting in chapter 2 (this video contains all chambers with boxes and buttons in chapter 1 & 2).

Credit to Transgenic for the trick to release the box in Chamber 07

Credit to logitechSDAZ for the Re-Portaling technique.

For the cubic transition and corner wipe, I used Cinema 4D to make the cubes, and exported each side of the cubes seperately as luma mattes for compositing in AE.

I learned how to do it from Greyscalegorrilla and made a few of my own modifications.

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