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  • xTH3xRIPP3Rx

    haha thanks for the video

    i guessed the terminal velocity one

    but the jump 300 feet?!

    nevered wouldve thought….

    nice vid.

  • Jonas

    How useless? Every person with a proper brain can think and do this. I actually tried it on the first level.

  • Stand Alone Complex

    Do you even have a copy of the game Jonas? you dont have the portal gun on the first level, you can only do this on one of the levels after you get the orange portal ability, which is Test Chamber 14 i belive.. so i belive your the one without the “Proper brain” here.

  • Ergo

    You get the orange portal on test chamber 8

  • Jordan

    Jonas just got owned.

  • steve

    how long exactly does this take?

  • Chris

    Doesn’t work.

    I just did it right at the beginning of Chamber 15 for about 10 minutes, and I got nothing.

  • Ryan

    Ya, I tried it too for like a half hour and the long jump one doesn’t work.

  • JoV.

    Are you sure you actually jumped in an didn’t just walk in?

  • 13lood

    I did the terminal velocity and left it on for 6 hours and didn’t get the achievemnet…

  • you

    i did what he said and got it in like 5 min

  • Me

    You can get the “Long Jump” achievement much quicker by spacing the portals out farther, and by puting the one on the ground next to the wall on the opposite side of the room, so you fly out of the portal on the wall, hit the wall on the opposite side, and slide into the portal. Doing it this way i got it in about 30 seconds.

  • Andrew

    I did the long jump in a different area, and it took far less time than you described. In testchamber 19, just before you reach the boss level, the big room where all the turrets are in the cubby holes. if you get your velocity just right you can put a portal on the upper slanted panel and the lower one and portal between them. This way is much faster as it only takes 2 or 3 jumps through to work. that’s how I did it. you just have to place portals very well

  • Drew

    Almost jizzed in my pants as soon as i heard Thunderhorse :D great vid too…

  • Anonymous

    i know this is old, but Ergo is wrong. You don’t get the orange portal in testchamber 8.

  • Brandon

    are you guys playing on the computer version because portal on the 360 only has 11 testchambers

  • Birkie

    That would be 11 chapters, Brandon, but 19 testchambers

  • CptAwesum

    That would also be portal 2 Brandon.