Portal Test Chamber 13 – Least Portals (2)

By: scorpionfa
Portals Used: 2 (Gold)
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scorpionfa — December 02, 2007 — Portal Test Chamber 13 – Least Portals (0)
Noting cheats, noting fake! But very very difficult.I m working 12 hours for this vide

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  • chris

    OMG that is amazing ive been trying to find out how to do this for ages but thanks to you ive don it thanks

  • KB

    This is a bit of a long winded way of doing this level there is a much simpler way of doing it.

  • oldschool

    I still cannot get the first block off the walkway like depicted in video. Is there a secret to pulling objects from below? Also, I’ve found that the crouch jump is alive and well…that’s the onl;y way to get from the door platform over to the moving platform.

  • me

    how do you get the first block down? Whats the secret to the jump and grab?

  • vile

    I should demo a better version of this…once you step through the first portal with the cube, just throw it onto the lower switch, shoot a portal through the open door (you’re standing on the upper switch), then jump back through the 2nd portal you made in the wall. Ta-da!

    //sometimes it falls off when you throw it. I had to jump-throw/reverse to get back on the pad.

  • scorpionfa

    I am to find way this chamber 0 portal with exit!!! But very very hard playing and capture! i m working. This next test is imposible! :) Coming Soon.

  • tudorgliga26

    I finished test chamber 13 and 14 with 0 portals! And it’s not a joke!Beacause i have the orange box 4 ps3 and i have a code that gives me companion cubes.If you have the orange box 4 ps3 The code for the cube is:Down, O, X, O, Triangle, Down, O, X, O, Triangle.

  • VenoM_31

    Cheating? Yuck

  • SaDOS

    i’ve heard that you can grab boxes from farther away and throw boxes farther on the pc than you can on the 360. has anyone found this to be true? if thats the case it would ease my suffering from trying to grab the box off the platform like he did.

  • Shreger

    I’ve got the PC version and I can’t get the first box ether.

  • BndrBndngRdrgz

    it’s really tricky to get the first box by jumping but after a ton of trying i finally got it. I own an Xbox 360 and it is possible. Not exactly sure how i did it but it works!!