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  • axion

    There’s a much easier way without relying so much on blind luck by knocking the energy and having to stack the crates. Do the first two portals the same way, then for the third put it on the wall next to the taller platform (so that you can jump back in later). Bring the box with you, then throw the box by jumping forward and letting go onto the lower platform. Then shoot the fourth portal through the door and jump back through the third one. Voila.

  • Jim

    axion, is there a trick needed to throw that brick onto the lower platform? i was trying that exact solution but couldn’t throw it without falling off the taller platform myself.

  • Lunacy

    What the heck was that? It takes less than a minute to beat this level with 4 portals. This guy must be the worst portal player ever.

  • Axion, thats exactly what i did when i went through, so much easier and takes so much less time.. I was watching this vid and thinking “god this guy is freaking bad” :p

  • Narek

    I was having a lot of trouble because i didnt know there was a different button you can press other than “let go”. If you use that you cant throw it down to the lower platform, but if you use the button you use for your gun then you can sort of “throw” your box rather than just drop it. I thought this 4 portal thing was impossible until i realized it was just cus i didnt know how to throw the damn box

  • Param

    so how do u throw the box

  • Huh

    Narek! Thank you! I too did not know that you could throw by pressing the gun button! I had spent like an hour trying with the let go button! Thank you!

  • jooyah

    not portal=phail

  • DJ

    How does being a teenager have anything to do with this page? And generalizing ‘teenagers’ makes you an opponent of every single teenager out there, we’re not all clueless, and contrary to popular belief, some of us can think rationally and succeed.
    @The rest of the naysayers:
    So what? It took him longer. This isn’t a timed trial, this is least portals, and he got 4, just like all of you who ‘got 4 faster’.

  • Dan

    Well said for a teenager :D