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  • Tragaar


    I bow to you o great portaler

  • Mike

    How the hell are you making that first grab? You running some jump or grab script? Because it wont grab that for me no matter what angle or where I jump.


    You are a legend i hope you know that

  • Thats great! Is there a way to goes with only two portals??

  • tezdoll

    The level only needs a max of 4 to get gold, so you can use two in the begining

  • migeto

    that grab at the begining is impossible

  • @migeto, Mike: It’s possible, just difficult. I did it after several tries.

  • J

    How is the first grab possible?

  • Altare

    Thats nice, don’t explain how to do it, just do it. good job.

  • chesko

    i did in 4 … first is possible but upset to send from the upper to the lower red button, grat job.