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  • darkid

    It takes at least 3 steps to get out of the elevator… so this is a hack.

  • Chell

    Not if you jump out.

  • Mr Plok

    Jumping causes a step to count so you can’t jump out either.

  • Mortan Malsane

    If you jump, it counts as 2 steps. It also will count several of the movements done here as several steps.

    I tried several of these techniques, and many of them count steps.

    Basically, any horizontal movement touching any surface will count as a step, even if you don’t move.

    For example, standing in the moving platform without moving, will count lots of steps.
    The moment in which he takes the cube from the platform and drops into the portal, that would have counted at least 3 steps.

    It’s either an old version before some update that changed how steps are counted, or he used some kind of cheat, hack or exploit.