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  • Redline

    I’m f’ing impressed.

  • jimdaug

    It’s too bad you can’t do it that quick on the 360. The gun won’t pick cubes up from that far away or shoot them that far.

  • wtf! damn that was amazing.

  • liz

    That was obv sped up wtf! why do it?!

  • Hi there Expert, I am glad I pressed harder enough until I found redline movie, because this post on Test Chamber 13 – Least Time (0:07) | Portal Walkthroughs was extremely helpful. Just last Thursday I was pondering on this quite a bit.

  • Spleenyak3

    bullshit… all kinds of bullshit. They sped their game up for that. there is no way. ive seen someone do the exact strategy with no time in between and it took them about 14 seconds.