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  • Dana

    This seems fake. There are some skipped frames or something. The first portal is placed on the ceiling but after going through the second, they player pops up from the floor? Something is missing…

  • Bradwerd

    Entirely possible. he places portal 1 on the ceiling immediately outside the door. then one on the floor below it, he falls through portal 2 once and before he falls through it again he shoots one on the floor immediately in front of the lift (replacing portal 1) so his momentum pushes him up.

  • uniikki

    Yep, definitely fake. The video stops conveniently at 5 secs.

  • Tumblin’ Bill

    This is not fake, watch it frame by frame. You can see exactly what he does. He just goes quite quickly. As soon as he falls through his 2nd portal it may seem he just magically appears at the base of the elevator. If you watch closely, when he falls through it you’ll see the same room fly past at a very fast rate, during the same time you’ll see his gun activate (shooting another blue portal, which is what he just fell out of) and then he will fall through his 2nd portal again and putting him at the base of the elevator where he put a portal in less than half a second. I pretty much repeated Bradwerd, because he is right. Very possible and very real video. As for the stopping conveniently at 5 seconds, as soon as you gets past the doors of the elevator the clock will stop.

  • jojobombiest

    Not Possible as of October 27, 2007. I just checked the ground just outside the elevator and you can’t shoot a portal on it.

  • J1MmY295

    He cheated. He will have put the Place Portal Anywhere code in and created the portal on an unplacable spot. As for the video ended in the place it does, he stopped it right before it came up saying Cheated! in big red letters, i know this because, yes, i tried to cheat through a Least Time challenge :(

  • Tony

    Haha wow, I just tried it and did it in 8 seconds. I couldn’t get enough momentum to get high enough with just one drop, so I had to go through the ceiling to floor portals twice. Took me about 7-8 tries.

  • Tony

    Oh and I dunno what jojo and J1Mm are talking about, I had no problem duplicating what he did, except for that I wasn’t as fast.

  • Jordan

    It’s real. I did it. It’s not fake. Get over it.

  • kieran

    1st portal on roof in front of you.
    2nd on floor directly below 1st portal
    3rd portal as comming out of the roof portal on the floor as close as lift as you can :D

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