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  • I think u r doing the start wrong. i think u r meant to use the wall bits that are in the same line to pick up speed by going through them then place a portal on the other wall bit while u are falling so that u shoot out over the obstacle. kind of like what ur doing but different.

  • djcarves

    Please, where can I get hold of the mix that starts at -1:10?

    Awesome walkthrough too btw!!

    Djcarves :)

  • Jimmith

    You can easily bypass the last couple of minutes there. Just place a reversed portal (shoot with your back to the exit elevator) on the usable floor in front of the exit. Take the elevator right across the room from the exit and enter the room on the top. Wait for the elevator to go down, then jump out as far as you can (towards exit) and place your second portal before you land. This should fling you right into the exit chamber if you do it right.

    Excuse my bad English, not my main language :)

  • Jordan

    Hey at the start the “cement” where portals are allowed, shoot one on the floor, and if you look straight up, theres another blotch. While youre repeating going down, repeatedly aim at the launch area on the wall and once youre lucky youll hit it.

  • Rhys

    Thank you for your site. I did all the Advanced maps on my own fine, but as silly as this sounds this map was giving me so much trouble, but thanks to your site I now have the Vanilla Crazy Cake achievement =D Thank you!


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  • !

    Thanks for the post. I get it now. Nice touch with DJ A