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  • que

    Portal developer? :D

  • damn

    holy crap lol

  • frightfan

    The solution to the last room almost made me explode. I wasted SO much effort!!!

  • dude, if u cant do the jumping, go to the last elevator, put your back against it and make a portal (if you have 13) then go up another elevator and do the momentum portal jump up the elevator! :P

  • car78130

    Instead of ripping the camera off the wall, you can bounce the ball off the camera by putting the second portal down the hall. Not as much fun as doing it by hand, but hey. . I didn’t think of that!

  • car78130

    . . . of course, you need the camera for that freaky jump-move later . .

  • marty

    …how is that possible.. ive been trying for the past hour to land on the wall where this person does at (1:27/1:28) in the video. i keep falling into a “DEEP PUDDLE” where as in this video the floor is “solid”… what the f*ck?? can anyone help, please?

  • dsilent1

    @marty… i think u need to need to make the portal low enough such that as soon as u make the second one you can fall into the first inspite of starting to sink…