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  • durandall9

    At the second energy barrier right before the final corridor you pass the barrier at the top of the room giving yourself plenty of time to lay down the next set of portals, but when I try doing the same thing, I can’t move fast enough to clear the barrier and have enough time to shoot portals. The point I pass the barrier is always on my way back down near the floor, so I don’t have time to shoot any portals. How are you able to move that fast? Simply pressing the “w” key for forward isn’t enough, and any other key combination I have tried makes no difference.

  • Ricky

    This is complete bullshit, these pc guys do this shit so fast, I couldn’t keep up even if I paused the vids and get back to my 360.  Are there any videos on the web that show only the orange box version of portal on the 360.. and also using cheats as well?