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  • Joel Poxton

    Ah I thought this was how you were meant to do this level, I just thought that it was a bit slow and dull :-/

  • Gabe

    I love the music on all your walkthru’s they kick butt, as do the guides.

  • ghali

    Yeah that room with the 3 turrets is fn hard. You can block sometimes they shoot past the blocks or knock the blocks off and just ice you. Took me ages to block them all without dying then forgot theres one on the other side of that door and got iced :'(..

    Thats a fn hard lvl dw u died on it :D

  • Gill

    Are you still there?
    Nap time.


    That turret thing is scary!

  • The Doom

    Wow, great job here. Tough map.