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  • Jager

    This 5 step video is obviously faked. It really should be removed from the site.

  • Jaysun

    Agreed. That’s complete BS.

  • Komodo

    Faked or otherwise, it’s a crappy video. I can’t even begin to comprehend wtf he’s trying to do. He should be removed from the Internet.

  • Method

    Not a fake. He skips the tedious parts, choosing to only show the trick he used to get past that anti-portal corridor. That being said, the “1 step” video of this level on YouTube is more detailed, and, well, 1 step is even more impressive =P


    Hi all! i like portal, but i can’t understand one thing… how to get to the first portal with 1 step??? Can you tell me pleez or send the answer to a male.
    P.S. sorry bad english