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  • starphoenix

    This video ought to be tagged as using the box jump trick, so it doesn’t waste the time of those of us who want to complete these legitimately

  • Big

    Using a glitch is like cheating to me.
    Use the rules of the game

  • toolie mctool face

    i have no clue how to even do such a thing (tried but never worked) so i used the 4 glados eyes instead

  • oldschool

    Anybody that has played Painkiller should be familiar with this move, I really don’t think it’s cheating if the game designers left this ability in there….imo

  • Simon_Says

    The developers intentionally left that glitch. Like it or not, it’s legal.

  • tmcmistress

    Weak argument. The ability to access something in a game does not make it any less cheating, and besides which, I seriously doubt Valve honestly intended to leave box jumping in there.

    By the logic of your argument, during a game of Monopoly I ought to be able to just snag as much money out of the bank as I want since, after all, they printed it and stuck it in the box…

  • Big

    There is also a console that the developers left there.
    And there’s also a noclip command that they left there !
    Its there so its legal !
    No. A game come with rules and you have to follow them to win.
    If you break the rules, you ruin the game and it’s not fun anymore.
    A glitch by definition, does not fit within the rules.

  • MARC

    Its a single player game!!
    Valve actually said in the director’s commentary that, they left only a certain few glitches and shortcuts for the bonus missions.

  • Supa

    So you morons are here complaining that you want to complete the game legit in order to maintain the fun level of the game? Tell me how you people are any better by following a video strategy guide than the guy who uses the box jump? Pot calling the kettle black i’m afraid. If you were truly concerned about keeping the game fun and doing things legit, you wouldn’t be here…

  • spinnaker

    well said supa

  • invisadrew

    can you even do this glitch on the 360?