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  • Thanks, this helps a lot. As an added tip, though, instead of letting the camera drop and then rotating it, catch it in mid-air; it’ll be in the exact same position, which’ll help you shave a few more seconds off your time, or, in my case, give me enough extra time to position things properly.

  • How the hell did you do that wall jump?

  • Draco719

    Great job, and aweseome music

  • Thanks dude,
    with your video i got 1:14 :D

  • Unorth

    I got it in 1:20, i did it differently though and i was slow on it i bet i could get it down to a minute and 10

    Dont know how to record though :/

  • whateveritsme

    You’ve chosen some good music :D

  • Froxton