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  • fresh

    y did u bother posting this with all the mistakes u made? practice, get it right, practice it again, then post it without mistakes. what a waste of time! by the way, you suck at this game!

  • Des.

    Fresh. Shut up. No need to insult him.

  • Josh

    yeah fresh shut the f**k up! if your so amazin why are you looking at a walkthrough?

  • Pan

    Don’t buy canned trolls. Fresh trolls are the best and trolliest. :)

    Thanks for the guide, I’m replaying the game after quite a while, I couldn’t remember this part but I do remember that it took me ages to figure out last time. I need to be fast this time though, I can’t mess around, I want cake!

  • Gavinohackett

    Thanks for the guide. Me and my brother already figured out the 1st and 2nd things that come up, but the third helped. Thanks, but please dont die in walkthroughs, no offence meant