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  • dj mousey

    nice! i never thought of that but may be a it hard on teh 360 as jumping continuously is hard. good 1 tho!

  • RyanB

    I use the same long jump technique in the turret room. Interesting technique getting back to the button. My way of getting from the second dot to the third dot is completely different than what anyone else has posted. Maybe I’ll post it just for that reason… I tend to die alot though. :-/

  • shulz

    What song is that?

  • DAN

    you don’t need to continuous jump at the end, if you leave the portal on the one you were previously on you can use it to go to the bottom and then use the same one to jump (using the first drop) if that makes any sense

  • name (required)

    This is awesome. You’ve just saved me a crap ton of grief on the 360 version in the turret room. I /never/ thought of the moving platform being used as a long-jump that way. A life-saver. Esp. getting back out of the room.

    Continuous jump part was also insane. Now, to do the even more insane on the 360 trial rooms.

  • Huh

    Man, I just can not find the next platform in that last room. I get so turned around.