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  • ghali

    ive tried to shoot that floor so many times and it never works, it looks like anti wall to me.. hax :P

  • haeggi

    would be easier if you kill the guns before :)

  • Ballsface

    My bottom floor isn’t anywhere near the other side below the button; it’s to the right of the first platform. I’m trying to do momentum on that bitch but it’s near impossible to time.

  • Tony

    Yeah you can kill those guns, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as fast. Nice job though.

  • nick

    For the part where you go into the bottom floor where the button is, you could just shoot then back up really fast. Just thought I’d say. That’s what I do.

  • wempah

    Thats impressive!

    Argh, I had to work on this one. So happy I made it :-)
    Last room is tricky, you need to realize how to turn between
    the jumps to find where to beam.

    Did the similar approach as the video in the turrent room. As
    “nick” says, I also did the same trick. Managed to create
    the blue portal in the room below the cube through the orange
    portal. Meaning that you actually can create a portal through
    a portal hole !

  • Seth

    To get into the cube part of the last room, what I do is to leave the blue portal where it was before (above the ground), slap an orange portal on the part of the wall that is now sticking angled up, hop up into that, while I’m falling slap on a blue portal, then I rocket to the other side of the room toward that platform on teh ground, and then I lay another blue portal in front of me first. So, during the time that the piston part is angled up, I go through it twice to land right by the weighted storage cube, and I don’t have to fall into the water at all.

  • My problem is the same as Ballsface`s.The platform that on the video is in the water under the button isn`t actually there.It`s right of the platform that tilts when you push the button.what should i do?

  • DxDark

    Im thinking that we cant do this without that middle platform…because theres only one other way to get there and that would require you to destroy the turrets…which is har enough to do (I can only get one…because the other 2 will start shooting me to bits…):[ )

  • There’s no fricken way I can control this crap like that. That’s impressive form whoever made the video. I’m using a mouse and keyboard, what was this person using?

    Damn impressive, hat tip, kudos, right f’n on!

  • bakedpotatoes

    That was the most awkward and difficult way i’ve seen it done.

  • Clark

    Cheers for the vid! Helped me alot. I had trouble with the last room, until I realised that you look into the portal as you go through it making it alot easier to find your barings (sp?) when you fly out the other side. :)

  • Jorg

    Certain parts of the game (like the gun room here) are easier if you use the technique of standing in between two portals and firing to your destination.

  • Michel Colman

    Yet another way of getting through the room full of robots (probably the intended solution, I think): press the button that opens the room, get into the room very quickly, shoot a portal onto the panel just as it finishes tilting and immediately go back out again by the left side of the panel (while being shot at but that doesn’t matter), then run back out, jump off the platform and create a portal while falling down. You only have a very short time to do this, as the portal on the angled platform disappears when the timer runs out.

  • kokopelli_fella

    wow, that last part was impressive as hell. I have to say, tho, I was suprised no one mentioned taking out the turrets by putting an orange portal on the wall where the cannon “ball” hits and a blue one directly across from the turret (it’s laser sight makes it SUPER easy to place it). That did away with all the turrets for me, no muss, no fuss. The place I’m stuck at is getting the cube from the upper platform.

  • OptimisticRebel

    My problem is getting to the cube.
    I can’t press the switch, create the portal on the moving platform, create the portal on the wall, go through the portal, create a new portal on the floor as i move through the moving platform, and go through the floor within the time limit before the platform moves back into place and breaks my first portal.

    How do you guys do it?

  • annable

    YESSSS! Michel Colman, you are the best. I have one of those annoying platforms that’s to the right of the main platform, and your method was the only one that would work. Just wish I’d thought of it.