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  • Alpha

    thank you greatly

  • Jimmith

    I solved in a slightly different manner when exiting the turret room, but your way worked really well :)

    I tried so many times before i got to the top at the end.. *sigh*

  • fraaz

    very good, just got the achievement for all 6 adnavneced maps, THX :)

  • Joachim

    If you find the shot during the long jump in the beginning difficult, just look up when you stand on the platform opposite the entrance. If you can position yourself just right, it’s possible to see a ceiling way up there somewhere. Shoot the ceiling, and make another portal in the wall in front of you. I will NOT recommend my next few steps, however – as a few of you might have discovered, it’s possible to climb the following section step by painful step, using odd ledges and risky falls…

  • com34x

    I actually redirected the energy balls to hit the robots and destroy them.

  • You cheated the whole level!!!
    I took out every single bloody turret there is with my awesome SKILLZ!!!!!

    I just wanted to tell you…

    YOU SUCK!!!
    And you really need a girlfriend…

    PS: Here is a challenge for you, take out all of the turrets!!! And THEN finish the level.

    PSS: Happy dying, you cheater ^^

  • Hypoxy

    I did it in that room with scanners differently… great game, various ways to end a levels

  • Tercio

    take out ALL the turrets in this level: DONE!
    this was hard, but i finally did it
    im not going to tell how, i’ll just say that what you gonna do ITS MADNESS!

    and guys… we arent talking about the common level 18, this is about the Advanced one… much more harder to beat

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. my game has a case over the ball thing.

  • Joey

    LOL – I didn’t take out even one turret. I feel kinda stupid now!! Your way is much better than my way