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  • D

    OK, I think you broke portal you naughy person :-D

  • Tucker

    Some of that was very awe inspiring, as it’s obvious you ARE good at this. That was also the most impressive use of the exploit I’ve ever seen (probably why they actually showed it here), however, an exploit is just that, a way around the rules. Therefore, I had no choice but to rate it a three-star. Regardless, I loved the video. ;)

  • bob

    now how exactly do you climb a wall like that?

  • Gaston

    GD…I want to call you a cheater but you DID figure out a way to do it with 5 portals. Unbefriggin’lievable. I was just trying to figure out how to do it in less than 16…and you’re climbing up the walls!

    Got to ask…how many portals can you use when NOT climbing the walls?

  • tony mmonatyatat

    you phail;!!!!

  • You wasted a portal getting the turret.  The other level 18 walkthrough uses a radio to knock down the turret and only has 4 used by the time they reach the last room.  If they had known your trick to climb the wall with the turret the final total portals would have only been 4 :-)