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  • Matt G Indago

    oh my gawd…

    • Ricky

      Ok are all these video guides done on pc? This is nearly completely worthless to anyone who wants the gold challanges on the orange box on 360.  I just want this fucking cheeve before my free trial on gamefly runs out. I am looking to use cheats and the save glitch that lets you use the cheats and get away with it.  Does anyone know if there are any videos on the web that are actually done on 360 and that are using the cheats?  The pc version is obviously alot different, in the way it registers steps, in the way these fucking pc gamers can do it so fast with their mice. Does anyone know if 360 videos even exist?  Honestly, I think I’m just going to past on the headache of portal, Id rather go for my Mile high club on cod4 then to put up with another second of this bullshit.

  • Supreme

    wow.I could never do that.My only gold in a chalenge is lvl 16 least portals and i got 2.

  • woohoo thanks man

    aperture science achievement unlocked :D

  • Lil Nik

    wtf how do u do tat i spend i lot of time playing but not as much as u!!

  • Aurifier

    Wow!!! That was amazing! What’s that song called?

  • Nightwing

    Dude it is obviousley in fast forward you dont move that quickly in portal. But still thanks for guide.

  • how the hell could that be fast forwarded… the game recognised it as being 58 seconds… and it took 58 seconds to play on the video.

    Just keep brushing up your skills and one day you’ll get the hang of it.

  • ricven28


  • HHumbert

    Amazing run here.

    Oh yeah… The song is Nessun Dorma, sounds like it’s sung by Pavoratti, actually, by the sound, quality and duration of the ending note. From the Opera Turandot by Puccini.

  • Lucario16

    Well, its a bit fast to see how to do it the first time, but thanks for showing us!

  • Daxas666

    dude my fastest before i saw this was 1:25 and i thought i was good….i hate you :( Nice job though that was well played out though I’m still confused on how the hell you did the first part

  • Daxas666

    Just got 1:13 dude I love you so much :)

  • asdasd

    its fake you cant move that fast in fact in portal the thing i hate in portal is that you move SOOO slow