Portal Test Chamber 19 – Complete Walkthrough

By: Nitr3
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this is an explanation of how to take a single step out of an elevator in portal. this video is uncut until 30 seconds.

first time the level loads: im letting my computer load the level just so it will load more smoothly for the following times.

second time the level loads: i’m saving as soon as possible (before the level visually loads).

third time the level loads: i’m holding back while loading, demostrating you will start in the rear of the elevator.

fourth time the level loads: im holding back while loading, but as the level loads i move forward and jump before the doors open. steps aren’t counted until after the doors open. i then land outside giving me only 1 step.

the fifth time the level loads: a demonstration of how 0 steps might be possible. if you are able to jump, (then doors open) then shoot 2 portals on the ground before you land, you will get 0 steps.

is this too much of an exploit to be counted as legitimate?

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  • Anonymous

    wtf i need to know what to do after the part where it cuts!!!