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  • Steven

    At the part of level 19, where you get to the part where your back in the “impossible level”, there is a much easier way to do it.

    Go through the anti thing door, and stand on the button. Shoot a blue portal in front of you, and shoot a orange one straight through the door, so it hits the wall. Then jump thought the orange portal.

  • NOWitsOK

    Great job dcjoedog, I like how you did it so it could be followed easy.

  • Killakalla

    I <3 the song at the end. WAIT!!?!? NO CAKE AND BLACK MESA WAS A JOKE! GORDON NO!!

  • lol

    how to end chamber 19 when u get in fire room

  • whimp

    Open the door, by pressing use :)

  • steeve

    it won’t open i don’t know why

  • raj153

    same prob 4 me

  • SilverWolf

    I finished the game today with a little help from this. The ending was CREEPY!!
    And unfortunately, my sound didn’t work so I had to use subs.

    This was an awesome and very scary game!! :D

  • huh123

    How do you escape the trap? When you fall in a place filled with 3 armed robots.

  • philzz

    the game is short:S

  • sam11x

    you have to crouch behind the barrels then shoot a portal in the wall, then when a door opens shoot a portal below the robot and it will go through the portal on the wall and land sideways